Which cell phone service has the fastest Internet service?

Answer On One Hand: AT&T Brags About Fastest ServiceIn television commercials and on its official website, mobile carrier AT&T advertises that it offers the "Nation's Fastest 3G Network." The carrier even... Read More »

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Does wireless Internet service work with broadband phone service?

Wireless Internet service works with broadband phone service. If you are using wireless Internet service, it is operating on a different network than broadband phone. If you want to use the wireles... Read More »

Do you need phone service to get internet service?

Depending on the packages offered by the specific Internet providers, servicing your area, you may not need phone service to get Internet service. For example, Earthlink currently offers a stand-al... Read More »

Is T3 the Fastest Internet Service?

T3 lines are the fastest Internet service. They're around 30 times faster than T1 lines. However, T3 is expensive and usually used only by businesses. Another drawback to this service is that it's ... Read More »

How to Find the Fastest Internet Service?

Getting the fastest Internet service is not always a black and white issue. Companies that offer Internet service can have different levels of service and different speed capabilities in different ... Read More »