Which cell phone company uses GSM?

Answer In the United States, AT&T and T-Mobile are the major GSM cellular providers. AT&T operates both 850 and 1,900 megahertz GSM systems, and T-Mobile operates a 1,900 megahertz GSM system. Many small,... Read More »

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What cell phone company is the cheapest and has good cell phones?

check if you have cricket around they have some good plans for texting also what u can do is check what service your friends have the most, that way you can get free mobile to mobile and you wont h... Read More »

How do i change a cell phone company with the same cell phone?

Obtain your current service provider's network code. If you do not already know this number, you can get it by contacting the customer service department of your current service provider.Give the n... Read More »

What company is the Largest independent US distributor of cellular phone and cell phone accessories?

How to Switch a Cell Phone From One Phone Company to Another in Canada?

Since 2007, Canadians can transfer their current phone number when they switch cell phone companies. This change has given consumers the freedom to find the best plan to suit their needs without th... Read More »