Which celebrity would u like to see with a chipped tooth?

Answer Justin Bieber

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What do they do to fix a chipped tooth?

If extremely small it can just be smoothed.If small, it can be filled with a bonded filling.If large, it will have to be restored with a crown. Get to the dentist to have him take a look.

How to Fix a Chipped Tooth?

Suffering from a chipped tooth can be both a painful and upsetting experience. Although teeth are strong, breaks in the teeth can occur after a trauma, such as getting hit in the face or biting dow... Read More »

I have a chipped front tooth help?

well, front teeth are important when talking about esthetics. maybe composite (tooth colored filling material) augmentation will do. Normally, composites are used when you ask your dentist for a de... Read More »

Advice on a chipped tooth?

It's basically your word against the dogs. But there is a very real possibility that the dog has more credibility than you, particularly if you have still not purchased a pair of pants since last I... Read More »