Which celebrity chef would you like to cook your Christmas dinner?

Answer cor james martin, i really fancy him

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I've got my girl coming to dinner...which menu shall I cook (I'm a fully qualified chef, everything homemade)?

MENU 2 is making my mouth water!Can you give the recipe and method for your roast pork? I never usually attempt roast for 2 because I don't know what joint to buy!Lucky girl!

How to Cook a Christmas Dinner Without Being in the Kitchen?

Christmas day goes so fast! One of the biggest time consumers is the cooking of that special dinner. Here's an easy way to avoid being in the kitchen and missing all the good stuff on TV! This is v... Read More »

My friend is coming for Christmas dinner but he is a vegetarian.So what can i cook for him as the main course?

Fancy stuffed pastas - like butternut squash ravioli. When I was a vegetarian I got manicotti for every holiday meal and it got boring fast. Make sure that you have lots of sides he and everyone ... Read More »

Home-made Christmas dinner or Christmas dinner out in a restaurant?

I have only ever had it home-made....and I think I like it that way.