Which cat breed is best for people with allergies?

Answer On One Hand: Some Breeds are BetterThe best cat breeds for people with allergies are the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex, the Sphinx and the Siberian Cat. These cats are hypoallergenic, which means that... Read More »

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What Dogs are Best for People With Allergies?

Several dog breeds have long been popular companions of owners who suffer from allergies. While no dog is non-allergenic, some have been considered hypoallergenic based on their single hair coat an... Read More »

What contact lenses are best for people with allergies?

Daily disposable contact lenses are the best for people who have allergies. Every day you open a new package with a new lens to wear so you throw it away at night and your eyes are great. But let m... Read More »

Which dry cat food is best for a cat that has allergies?

On One Hand: Grain-Free Allergy Foods Can HelpFor cats who present symptoms of food allergies, a pet owner can choose from several grain-free allergy foods. These are specifically formulated for c... Read More »

People With Allergies to Water?

People with allergies to water have a condition called "aquagenic pruritus." This rare and agitating disease causes skin to become unbearably itchy after exposure to water, which can make everyday ... Read More »