Which casting agents do the BBC use?

Answer The Chain from Fleetwood Mac

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Who makes the most between secret service agents FBI agents and US marshals?

Are AFOSI special agents federal agents and if so under what USC authority?

Yes, AFOSI SAs are federal agents (1811). Check the AFOSI page for more information. Top notch organization, although extremely difficult to even be granted an interview - they select 20 interview ... Read More »

Online Travel Agents Vs. Offline Travel Agents?

The debate about the benefits of online and offline travel agents has been ongoing since the first Internet travel shop was launched in the mid-1990s. In the travel booking industry, however, the d... Read More »

What is investment casting?

According to the Loyola website, investment casting, or lost wax casting, is a casting process, which fabricates metal parts from almost any alloy. Applications for investment casting include art a... Read More »