Which camera is better, sony a35 or nikon d3100?

Answer Nikon, of course, has been in the camera business a very long time. However, Sony isn't as much a newcomer to the camera market as some might have you think. Sony actually invented and sold the wo... Read More »

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What camera is better for a beginner in photography the Nikon D3100(14mp) or the Sony A37(16mp)?

Any entry level camera sold today can do what you want.All you have to do is learn how to use it, so plan on spending some time reading your user manual and other resources to understand at least t... Read More »

Which Nikon SLR camera is better the d3000 or d3100?

The main differences between the two is that the 3100 can record video, has 4 extra mega-pixels and has a better AF system and costs about $200 more. As an amateur, you wouldn't be able to notice a... Read More »

Which camera is better sony nikon or canon!!!?

Here is a link you may want to read to see where dSLR cameras are going.It will help you pick the best camera system for your specific needs

Which camera brand is better. Sony, canon or nikon?

I would rather say that you need to go with Sony as Sony has there own manufactured lenses and for the cameras that it doesn't have the lenses in that case it uses the Carl zeiss lenses which is a ... Read More »