Which camcorder is better / should i get?

Answer There are reviews of both these at simplydv. The fs100 is a bit grainier when filming indoors. You will get a very good deal on the SDR-H40 at argos at the moment (£159.99).

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Panasonic full hd camcorder vs sony full hd camcorder, which ones better?

Hi Shaunzy,Both make excellent camcorders and so do the other "A" brands,like Canon,Samsung,JVC, etc.Toshiba and Sanyo are typical cheaper "B" brands but make fineproducts as well.As Sony and Panas... Read More »

Which camcorder is better?

to answer your first question, the camera will come with a cord to hook it to the computer, and to get the footage onto the computer, you will need to capture it. on the editing software there wil... Read More »

Which is better to buy camcorder or digital camera?

A digital camera is better, because on 99.99% of digital cameras also have excellent cam-corders whereas a cam-corder is usually just a cam-corder and is only occasionly a camera aswell! Plus when ... Read More »

Which camcorder is better:Canon or Panasonic?

Check out Truly a remarkable comparison site, full of great, independent reviews.My own two cents...I disagree with the post right above me. Panasonic 3CCD system (as seen ... Read More »