Which camcoder do you recommend (under $500) for paranormal investigations Thanks?

Answer Accept nothing less than a Venkman Spengler.

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What was the scripted paranormal tv show that used to air reruns on TNT not X Files This show aired about 8-10 years ago It featured a team of paranormal scientists It was a group of 5 or 6?

What camcoder should I buy?

I use the Panisonic PV-GS83. Its somewhat small. Great video quality (beyond youtube quality but easily changed using windows movie maker for youtube). matches pretty much everything you have on yo... Read More »

Which Camcoder is best?

Mini DV tapes are still the universal standard. Patterend after the DVCAM of the 1990s the use the same formate. Store in compress RIFF and WAVE and generate the universal editing container known... Read More »

Camcoder - what is it?

Depends on the quality of videos you want.I have heard people with 533 Kodaks are able to edit them and put them on You Tube.If you want REAL quality videos for like DVD and good pictures, then you... Read More »