Which cactus plants store water in their stems?

Answer All cactus plants store water in their stems. It's an energy, time, water and work saving adaptation of cactus plants to the extreme environments in which they live. In terms of the desert and the ... Read More »

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Can you drink the water from saguaro cactus plants?

It probably isn't a good idea to drink the water from the saguaro cactus [Carnegiea gigantea]. A cactus plant tends to store its water in bitter or toxic forms. This discourages predators from raid... Read More »

How to Grow Flowering Plants Through Stems?

This is a very easy step in how to grow flowering plants using stems. You will produce more plants faster than seeds.

What is the spider like bug that eats the roots and stems of plants especially new ones?

Answer I am betting on a Ge or Kenmore unit built by GE. It has a real motor.

Freshwater Aquatic Plants With Inflated Leaf Stems?

Aquatic plants often possess specialized parts that have allowed them to adapt to and thrive in their watery habitat. A handful of aquatic plants utilize inflated leaf stems, or petioles, for buoya... Read More »