Which cabinet will fit in my new gfx card XFX HD 4890 1GB DDR5?

Answer this is a mid range card and you will be able to fit the graphics card in a standard ATX mid tower cabinet. Only thing to take care of cooking and power. Take a good cabinet with lot of air supply ... Read More »

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Which is the cheapest Graphics card with DDR5 available in India?

things to consider before buying graphics card.1.decide you much you can/want to spend on it.decide your budget.2.look for available cards in your budget their performance with site... Read More »

Which cabinet member will not be present at the 2011 state of the union address?

George Washington gave the first address. However, no other presidents gave a public address for the State of the Union until Woodrow Wilson. It has been the custom ever since.

Which cabinet member will not be at the state of the union address this year 2011?

Ken Salazar sec of the interior. The one Obama made the salmon joke about

Which graphics card will be suitable for my PC which has 2gb ram,2.93GHz processor.?

go for 6670 1gb gddr ram and graphics card has no relation so go for any other card if you like by your self but i think you should go for 6670 1gb card and you also need a 450w psu ................. Read More »