Which button is the simmer button on a General Electric stove?

Answer Simmering is a technique that uses low heat to cook food on a stovetop. It is often used to cook rice or soups after they have already reached a boiling point. On General Electric stoves, the simme... Read More »

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Is simmer the lowest setting on the electric stove?

For most electric stoves, the lowest setting (usually marked low or 1) is for keeping food warm and melting butter. The right heat for simmering food can be found between medium low and medium. Th... Read More »

Which button is the scan button on this printer?

Open the software first and click on scan from the file menu.

My pc does not have an enter button, which button do i use to enter things?

use the return button!:)I have a link under here...go to it and the return button is the 4th button up from the bottom on the right!Hope I helpedlink-------> Read More »

Would like to date a US military uniform button from American Button Co?

Not at all. They are required to carry ID to even get on base.