Which browser is faster and smarter opera or google chrome?

Answer GOOGLE CHROME !Google Chrome aims to be secure, fast, simple and stable. There are extensive differences from its peers in Chrome's minimalistic user interface, which is atypical of modern web brow... Read More »

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Browser Q: What do techies think about Google Chrome vs. Mozilla and Opera?

Is Google Chrome faster and uses less RAM than Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE?

Yes, it's the fastest. No, it uses more RAM and memory than firefox (with more than like 5-6 tabs open, if you have one or two open it will be less).

I have microsoft ie as a browser and am going to add google chrome. if i make chrome my default browser,?

Google Chrome or Opera?

Chrome for sure. I have been using it the last 2 months, and it is by far the best current browser. Opera is 4th on my list after firefox, and safari, with ie a distant last