Which breathalyzer does the state of North Carolina use?

Answer Law enforcement officers in North Carolina use one of two machines for breath sampling in the case of a potential DWI offense: Intoximeter EC/IR-II or Intoxilyzer 5000. Both machines utilize an inf... Read More »

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Does north carolina have a state income tax?

North Carolina has a state income tax. In 2010 the rate was 6 percent on personal income below $12,750. It was 7 percent on personal income between $12,750 and $60,000, and it was 7.75 percent on p... Read More »

Does the state of North Carolina insure annuities?

The state of North Carolina does insure annuities. They cover up to $5,000,000 per contract owner for unallocated policies if your insurance company goes out of business. For individual contract o... Read More »

How long does it take to receive my North Carolina state tax refund?

On One Hand: Checks are ComingIn an article from, Ken Lay, the North Carolina State Department Revenue secretary, says that normally an electronic tax return will take four to six... Read More »

What does the standing person represent in the North Carolina state seal?

The figure that is standing facing the sitting figure on the North Carolina state seal represents liberty. She holds in her left hand a pole topped with a cap, and in her right hand she holds a scr... Read More »