Which brand of soil will make a plant grow faster?

Answer Miracle Gro sells potting soil, and it should be easy to find at any home center. I've also used Schultz because it was cheaper, but Miracle Gro is the most widely used.

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Which plant will grow faster the one in the Sun in a dark closet in partial light or in artificial light?

In a dark closet because the plant will want to find sunlight so it grows upwards quickly to try and find the sunlight

Will a red bean grow faster in clay or soil?

The red bean, a variety of Phaseolus vulgaris, does not grow well in clay. Clay particles are small, so pore space is low. Clay becomes compacted and does not allow circulation of water and air aro... Read More »

What Can I Put in My Soil to Make My Flowers Grow Faster?

Flowers grow best when provided with adequate amounts of sunlight and water and optimum soil conditions. Optimum growing conditions vary from plant to plant, making it necessary to determine specif... Read More »

Will a potted plant grow bigger if earthworms are added to the soil?

There are several theories on this subject, one research is advocating the removal of earthworms in our forests, I will provide a few links for you to decide.Please see related links below.Not like... Read More »