Which brand of processor do u most trust?

Answer I prefer Intel. I lost two machines with AMD processors to overheating some years ago, because AMD had no overtemperature sensors on the chip and no mechanism for slowing the processor in case of ... Read More »

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Whats the brand you trust the most with electronics?

Well, this is an interesting question. In recent years "brand name" has come to mean a lot less than it used to as companies are highly globalized, buy major components or even entire products fro... Read More »

Which website should I trust the most Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers?

Wikipedia is a place for seeking facts. Yahoo answers is a place for seeking answers. For example you can read a detailed article about integral calculus in Wikipedia, But you can't ask how to inte... Read More »

Which brand of coffee maker is most reliable?

For reliability and better-tasting coffee, get a Bunn. They make them for industrial, commercial, AND home use. Our home-use Bunn coffee maker works GREAT and we've never had a single problem wit... Read More »

Which is the most famous brand of cigarettes in London [UK]?

Benson & Hedges Gold Benson & Hedges were a British company with worldwide sales, the American branch was bought by Philip Morris