Which brand makes the best harddrives?

Answer What do you mean by best?? Speed, Loudness, Price, Reliability, price-performance ratio?What size? SATA or IDE?You got to be more specific. But here is an excellent website, that has a chart compar... Read More »

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What makes Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc. brand TVs better than off-brand TVs?

Higher quality parts. Superior engineering & workmanship. Better quality control. More inputs & features... the list goes on & on. You can't go wrong buying a Samsung TV compared to the crap brand... Read More »

How to combine 2 harddrives?

here you go… p,s Anthony doesn't know about raid

Which brand makes the best TVs?

How many harddrives can you hook up in a computer ?

You don't want to overload it. The more harddrives...the slower it will be. The more you have, the more the "search" you have to do.