Which brand digitial camera is good for normal use.Price range 250$-300$?

Answer I would recommend Canon as a very good and reliable brand (they are the market leader for a reason). If you are looking at a small digicam with great optical quality then I would suggest last year'... Read More »

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What is a good camera brand or a specific camera that is cheap and has a good zoom like 8x?

Nikon, Canon, Sony etc., are all very good and economical too.The differentiator should not be the price, but how it feels in your hand.Can the camera take the types of pictures that you want to ta... Read More »

In lower range of $100 or rs 5000,which digi pocker camera brand will be better sony,nikon,canon?

You'll be wasting money with any of them, because as long as you avoid Kodak, Benq, Vivitar and GE, you'll get better for less money.Of course, nothing in this price bracket will be any more than a... Read More »

Which is the best canon digitial camera in market?

For us mere mortals check out the Digital Rebel, it has 8 megapixle image resolution and auto everything features. If you shop around on the web you can find it in a kit that includes lens etc. fo... Read More »

How do i upload my digitial camera vidoes on my computer?

If you have a memory card, you could get a card reader (or some computers like mine have them built in) and insert the memory card into there.If your computer isnt reading the cord, make sure your ... Read More »