Which branch of the military has the hardest training?

Answer On One Hand: Any Special Ops ForceAccording to Stew Smith of, any of the military's special operations branches, such as U.S. RECON and Navy Seals, have the equally toughest physical f... Read More »

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Which military branch has the hardest boot camp?

On One Hand: Physical difficultyThe boot camp for the United States Marines represents the most physically challenging of all military branches, according to the website, How to Survive Military Bo... Read More »

What is the hardest military basic training in the world?

It would probably be the French Foreign Legion. Other elite units typically have a selection process which the applicant goes through after they've completed their basic training, whereas the selec... Read More »

Which us military force has the longest and hardest training Marines Rangers Green Berets Deltaforce or Navy SEALs?

The first female secretary of a branch of the US military was Sheila Widnall Which branch did she lead?