Which branch is responible for maintaing army?

Answer The Army is the branch. In the US, it falls under the Department of Defence. In the UK, it falls under the Ministry of Defence. Other countries have similar offices.

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The pea coat or pea jacket is usally assocaited with one branch of the millatary service wich branch is that wich one is it Army Marines or Navy?

Were army air force personnel given a choice of branch of service when air force became a separate branch in 1946?

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Were the Red Shirts a branch of the US Army?

There is no unit in the Army that calls itself the Red Shirts. You might be thinking of the term "red shirt" which refers to a disposable extra character who is likely to get killed fighting the ma... Read More »

Are the Army a branch of the Navy?

The US Army is not part of the US Navy .EDIT:The Marine Corps is technically part of the Navy