Which boots are required by the Army?

Answer Army combat boots for hot and temperate weather are made of tan rough side out cattlehide leather with a plain toe and tan rubber outsoles. Soldiers may wear commercial boots of a similar design, e... Read More »

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Why did the army change from black boots to brown boots?

When the ACU uniform replaced the BDU and DCU uniforms, a special emphasis was made on ensuring there was no use of the colour black. The reason for this is that solid black is not found in nature,... Read More »

How often are the army reserves required to take an army physical fitness test?

APFT is a yearly test. 2 times if it falls during the fiscal year.

Can you be tough as old boots when required?

Are steel toe boots required for an auto mechanic?

Whether you need to wear steel toe footwear will depend on the policies of the company for which you work and the insurance requirements it must satisfy. You should wear steel toe shoes or boots ev... Read More »