Which book to refer in computer engineering?

Answer if you wan't to learn...use the reference books mentioned in the syllabus.but if you just want to pass, use Tech max. MU is lazy, they ask from local author books only

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Whats the difference between computer engineering and software engineering?

Computer engineering is a generic term that most likely comprises of hardware engineering; physical design and structure of circuit boards. Software engineering most likely consists of developing p... Read More »

What are the main differences between Computer software, computer hardware, and electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is concerned with the theory and uses of electricity and electronics, and may include computer hardware, but could also be rotating machines (motors) or transmission lines (u... Read More »

Is computer engineering hard Is it fun Do you actually design parts in the computer?

^^^^^^^^^ Ignore Colanth. He doesn't even have a college degree.Computer Engineering major will ALWAYS deal with some aspects of software making process. Without being a computer programmer, there'... Read More »

Computer Science or Computer Engineering?

LOL - in today's day 'n age, neither... and both.Okay, Computer SCIENCE is merely the understanding of digital electronic computing devices. You learn a little about basic programming... if luck... Read More »