Which body type do you prefer (LADIES ONLY)?

Answer 5... fat shows that the person isn't taking that much care of themselves (so how are they meant to take care of us?!) and skinny with muscle is just hot... I know some people like the "ripped" look... Read More »

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Ladies: which do you prefer?

skinny, muscular, fattall, medium, short lol

Ladies Only!!!! Which would you prefer to wear?

definatly the first pairnot the second gross.

Hey ladies, which style do you prefer on a guy?

Go with your style,for one it's completly you,and ypu like to dress that way,for2 most of my friends and I find it cute..and for 3 It's way better than baggy stuff..Hope this helpedddd (:

LADIES ONLY - which gift would you prefer?

first! and you are clearly an excellent husband.bravo to you for appreciating the mother of your child.:), best of luck to you with everything.