Which blue ray can you use to stream next fix?

Answer Any Blu-Ray player that is equipped with WiFi

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Which Blue ray DVD player stream bloomberg?

Yes they do. Certain brands, such as Magnavox, can also play photo CDs.

Does blue ray stream on the ps3 with love film?

No, the only "Game Console", so far, that can play a BlueRay is the PS3. It is possible with a cracked Wii via a Samba (SMB) share from a laptop/PC with a blu ray drive in Wii MC (Wii Media Centre... Read More »

How do you stream in netflix through a wi-fi or blue ray player to your tv?

Kinect is only an add-on for the xbox 360 you need an xbox360 to use it and to awser your question no it cant beacause its only a motion sensor

How do you make blue ray player stream movies?

Yes, but only if your Blu-Ray player has a USB port. If not, then no.