Which better for scan : Avira Free or Avast Free?

Answer Use the AVAST dude. That is the best and fastest and you ain't gonna need other software either. Plus it is free and you can register for a full year.

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Of the free anti virus which is better Avira or Avast In what way If you had both would they be inconflict?

Avira may have a better detection rate (just slightly) but Avast has 7 more things included in it at no cost.....Avast hands down is the clear winner...Has 7 active scanners, 6 are deployed upon st... Read More »

Avast Free 2012 or Avira FREE 2012?

I use and recommend Avast Free.Avira does have (slightly) better detection rates, but with that comes more false-positives.Avast has the ability to run a boot-time scan, while none of the other fre... Read More »

Avast Free Antivirus for Mac What to do with WARNING Files from Scan?

Usually, AVAST will put these files aside and mark them as dangerous without you doing anything. You have the options in the preference menu, to keep, delete, or put them in the virus holding bin.

Avast Free Anti-virus wont scan properly?

Usually it's a case of clicking on the program's installer file then choosing "repair".If you didn't save the installer - just download it again from the Avast website.Don't forget to reboot once i... Read More »