Which benetint is best for dark skin tones?

Answer you should not waste your money on benetint. it was a great product MANY years ago, when you really could not find much, like it, on the market. now, there are so many companies making lip/cheek st... Read More »

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What Hair Color Looks Best on Dark Skin Tones?

When it comes to hair color, you don't want to make a mistake. The potential public ridicule and embarrassment aside, your hair, after all, can only take so much dyeing before it wears out--literal... Read More »

Which Shades of Red Lipstick Work Best on Pale Skin Tones?

Finding the right shade of red lipstick can be tricky, because some red lipsticks can be too strong for a woman's pale skin, making it look washed out. The trick to finding the right shade of red l... Read More »

Blush for Dark Skin Tones?

The right blush can be the difference between a healthy glow and a dull complexion. According to makeup artist Robert Jones, women with dark skin tones should look for blushes that appear natural ... Read More »

How to Use Makeup for Dark Skin Tones?

The only rules that apply to makeup are those that focus on skin tones. While there are no hard and fast rules about what one can wear, it is best to go with colors that are flattering and suit the... Read More »