Which beer taste better?


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Does Whiskey Taste Like Beer?

Does chocolate taste like oranges? Good GOD, man, NO! Completely different flavor profiles! Just because both have alcohol doesn't mean they taste the same at all....

What did American Beer taste like during the 70s and 80s?

OMG... I think "mercy" just committed suicide at the keyboard... oh well...To answer your question... the 70s saw the end of the wide variety of truly great beers that sprang up after WWII. They we... Read More »

How to Make Beer Taste Better?

Beer should taste great on its own merits but in a world that isn't ideal, not all beers are equal. And given that each of us has a different palate, some beers are likely to be less tasty than oth... Read More »

What Can You Put in Beer to Make it Taste Better?

For some, the bitter taste of beer is enough to make them put down the frothy mug in favor of a more flavorful beverage. But when beer is a must (think "Oktoberfest"), adding other ingredients to a... Read More »