Which beer has the least calories?

Answer The lowest calorie regular beer, as of 2010, is called LA Anheuser Busch Premium Pilsner Beer. It contains 26 calories per 100 ml. In light beer, most of which have under 40 calories per ml, Pabst ... Read More »

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Which is the best quality, easiest to drink, BEER with the least bitter aftertaste, currently on the market?

I don't drink beer anymore, but I gained weight and relished Belgium beers. Adding cheese along with the beer is sure to put weight on. Belgium style beer has no hop to it. Smooth and a tad swe... Read More »

Will i Lose weight if i eat 1200 calories and i burn at least 100 calories?

What burns the least calories?

I suppose sitting still but you may need to elaborate on your questions a little next time. Hope I offered something almost useful.

What alcoholic drink has the least calories?

According to ABC News, the alcoholic drink with the least amount of calories is beer at 10 calories per ounce. But because most people drink a 12-ounce beer (120 calories), some would say the least... Read More »