Which beer do you prefer--Guinness or Bass Ale?

Answer Coors Light. No dark beers friend. I as you know prefer red wine.

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Which do you prefer Beer or wine?

Good 'Pilsener' beer is great and I LOVE fine cocktails and red wines, but I SURVIVE on cheaper white wines on ice...Australian, South African and Japanese—it's an economic decision. The best par... Read More »

Wine,mixed drink, or beer, which do you prefer?

How to Pour a Guinness Bass Black and Tan?

There's something magical about the dark Guinness stout floating atop the lighter colored ale. These simple directions will help you recreate that magic for yourself and your friends. Enjoy!

How many calories does the beer Guinness have?

Here's a list of popular beers, including Guinness, and their calorie content. 12oz! Anchor Steam - 153 Bass Ale - 160 Beck's - 140 Budweiser - 140 Corona Light - 105 Guinness Draught - 126Guin... Read More »