Which beer do you like most?

Answer i dont drink .....i drink coholate milk =P want sum??

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I don't like beer, but I like liquor. Want to open up to beer. What's a good starter?

I don't know much about beer, but stay away from everything you see in commercials and expect to pay $$$ for beer that doesn't taste like piss

· Do you like food from other countries If yes, which do you like the most?

well I love different kinds of food and my family and I love eating! So some of our favorite national foods are Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican.

Root Beer Pomegranate Juice Or Chocolate Milk Which from this list do you like better?

Hey Scooter, nice change on your avatar!I prefer root beer over pomegranate. I do love chocolate milk! Oh yeah babe!

Pineapple Juice Chocolate milk Or Root Beer Which from this list do you like better?

Hi Scooter, I found the links sent, TY.Um Chocolate milk first. I even put it on some cereals when I eat any.Then Pineapple juice.I'll take a pass on the Root Beer, but it is good.