Which beer do you find the best?

Answer Guinness & Red Stripe.I live in Jamaica & this is what I love to drink.

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Which beer is the best?

I won't list Bud since it is obviously the favorite here but already listed many times. My list is varied but by no means complete. Let us just agree that my list is awesome apropos to the question... Read More »

Which is the best tasting beer?

I'm drinking Colt .45 (beer) right now, but it ain't for the taste. For pure taste? Double, double Pina Colada.For the poll: Vodka and anything.No, really, for the poll. Busch. My favorite. H... Read More »

Which is the best root beer out of these?

Give me some A&W in a frosty mug any day! It rocks! Peace to you!

Which is the best quality, easiest to drink, BEER with the least bitter aftertaste, currently on the market?

I don't drink beer anymore, but I gained weight and relished Belgium beers. Adding cheese along with the beer is sure to put weight on. Belgium style beer has no hop to it. Smooth and a tad swe... Read More »