Which animal is the closest relative of the bear?

Answer The bear is a member of the same suborder as wolves, raccoons and skunks (Caniformia). However, the closest living relative to the bear belongs to the class of mammals known as pinnipeds. This grou... Read More »

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Which bear eats eucalyptus leaves?

The koala bear's diet consists mainly of eucalyptus leaves, of which it eats 12 different varieties. Although the animal is commonly referred to as a bear, the koala is actually a marsupial.Referen... Read More »

Which animal is most closely related to the bear?

Bears are scientifically considered a descendant of the carnivorous caniformia or "dog-like" species, based on their early anatomy and behaviors. However, today bears are said to most closely resem... Read More »

How to Make a Teddy Bear Your Best Friend?

Do you want a pet? Will your parents not let you have one? This article tells you how to have a pet without making your parents mad.

What is the best way to kill, skin and barbeque a teddy bear?

I would say in front of a big group of little girls