Which asia food do you like?

Answer I love Thai food because my mom is from Thailand. I love anything spicy. The spicier the better. My favorite is their papaya salad because its authentic Thai food and beyond spicy.

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Which languages will be useful to know in a competition like The Amazing Race Asia?

English and Chinese Languages would be very useful for Asia.

Which do you like better, Chinese food or Mexican food?

Me too. I'm an equal opportunity eater. :)

Which do you feel is more important in a race like The Amazing Race Asia – brains or brawn Why?

It's a combination of Brains, Brawn and a little bit of luck!! It helps to be brainy when you're trying to outsmart your competition but it's better to have brawn on the challenges. A combination o... Read More »

· Do you like food from other countries If yes, which do you like the most?

well I love different kinds of food and my family and I love eating! So some of our favorite national foods are Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican.