Which artist invented glazing?

Answer Jan van Eyck is credited with creating glazing. He was the court painter to the Duke of Burgundy in the 1400s. His works of art were critical milestones in the art world and he is credited with dev... Read More »

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Who invented glazing?

Glazing is a method of varnishing pottery that coats the surface to seal pores and create a glassy finish. Although the inventor of glazing is unknown, the technique for tin glazing pottery was fir... Read More »

Which artist influenced Frederic Remington?

Paintings of Spanish missions in California viewed at night by Charles Rollo Peters influenced the American illustrator, Frederic Remington. Remington first saw Peters' work at an exhibition in New... Read More »

Which band/artist do you want us to associate you with?

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Which Hispanic artist is best known for her murals?

During the 1970s, Patricia Rodriquez was probably one of the best-known muralists in the San Francisco area. She formed the group Mujeres Muralists, which painted murals in the California area from... Read More »