Which country has the area code 0074?

Answer +7 is for Russia and Kazakhstan

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What area code or country code do you live in?

I Phone 3G not recognizing phone numbers without area code i live in Lebanon and the code is 00961 x xxxxxx does any one know the solution any software should be installed?

Since it keeps freezing first turn off the iphone then turn it back on and if that doesn't work restore it with iTunes.

Which icd9 code is use with cpt code 90862?

It depends on the reason the patient is receiving the treatment, for example bipolar, personality disorder ect. There is not one specific code that is to be used with 90862, it is a pharmacy manage... Read More »

****718 Area Code****?

718 is staten island, brooklyn, queens, and the bronx.... NO land lines in manhattan have 718 area codes... you can have a 718 cell phone number... they are rare compared to 646, 917, and 347, but ... Read More »