Which are your 10 favourite websites Why What makes them special?

Answer Well my 10 fav websites arewww.answers.comThe best source of information on any topicwww.orkut.comA great place to make new friends & keep in touch with old friends great s... Read More »

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What is it about your favourite song that makes it so special to you?

The music and lyrics combined, can sometimes reach right in to your heart and really pull you, and make you feel that the song was written specifically for you, even though the song was written abo... Read More »

What are some great underground websites and what makes them so cool? is great because it's better than a swift kick in the junk. Users all over the world submit stories, jokes, photos, and crappy MS Paint drawings for the amusemen... Read More »

Which in the world's thinnest laptop(note book) and which company produced itwhat makes it special?

What makes a DJ memorable, and who's your favourite in Singapore?

A good DJ does not only know what he is playing, he should be teaching people of what he is playing and come up with new stuff always. What is the point of playing good old pop hits like the craze ... Read More »