Which are your 10 favourite websites Why What makes them special?

Answer Well my 10 fav websites arewww.answers.comThe best source of information on any topicwww.orkut.comA great place to make new friends & keep in touch with old friends great s... Read More »

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What is it about your favourite song that makes it so special to you?

The music and lyrics combined, can sometimes reach right in to your heart and really pull you, and make you feel that the song was written specifically for you, even though the song was written abo... Read More »

Top 10 Favourite(favorite) Websites?

1. Youtube - So much to watch and learn on there2. Flickr - Amazing photos and a great online photo album3. Yahoo Answers - Very helpful with problems and addict... Read More »

Is there any website where i can make a personal archive of my favourite websites?

If you use Firefox there's an add-on extension called FoxMarks. It stores bookmarked sites on a server. You can then access them from any computer w/ internet access. There are also sites like Digg... Read More »

What positive images are promoted by websites on special needs?

AnswerThis is a very good question because i too would like to know that also. For I have a special needs child and would like to know the answer as well. Thank youI would be interesting in knowing... Read More »