Which are the websites you have visited which have unique design?

Answer of the few sites still kicking since before yahoo and geocities merged.B-Cool

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How to See What Websites Have Been Visited on a Network on a Mac?

With Mac computers you can create various user accounts on the same machine. This enables different people to access the network using their own username and password. As the network administrator ... Read More »

How do i find out which internet sites my kids have visited when theyv done a disc clean and erased the cookie?

Get a program for parents(or lovers who suspect a cheating partner) that only you will know is there. It sends you an email with every page visted, every key typed. There is nothing that you childr... Read More »

Which stores or websites have the best deals on computers?

You may be to smart to build one.If computers are not your passion and you just want to use it as a tool or an appliance then look in your Sunday Newspaper ads.Best Buy, Office Depot, Office Max, S... Read More »

How can I permanently delete websites I have visited so there is no trace of them?

Wow, that is a bad trend that you are doing. Lies only build up to more trouble later. It's a proven fact. Anyway, if you are that unfaithful to your hubby, I suggest you go to google and download ... Read More »