Which are Healthier to drink........ cold drinks or natural fruit juices?

Answer cold drinks seem to be refreshing for some time but they are not good for health. Its just like drinking a drop of poison daily. Drinking it daily will make a glass of poison in your body which is ... Read More »

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Do 100% natural fruit juices contain free glucose?

Generally they do not and if it is not in the ingredients list then no, most times they combine a number of juices, like white grape, pear, apple with the more tarter ones like cranberry and raspbe... Read More »

Do you prefer your cold drinks with ice or not Is it the finishing touch already to a cold drink?

Almost always with ice, it just taste better to me.

Which have more enzymes Fruits or fruit juices?

If you compare apples to apple juice that you've just juiced yourself (in the raw state) there is no difference. However, it is easier to consume a large amount of enzyme-containing fresh juice (sh... Read More »

Which is healthier raw vegetables, fruit and nuts or cooked ones?

They are more healthy raw, they have more nutrients