Which app of iPad 2 shows people without clothes?

Answer Safari on porn sites does. No porn apps are allowed on the app store.

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I understand they pay people who appear on TV court shows. Are the rulings of the judges on the shows legal and can they be enforced?

Answer The participants agree to abide by the rulings of the "judge" and sign legal contracts to that effect. The contracts are well-written legal documents specific to the issues at hand and can e... Read More »

What happens to clothes that are used at fashion shows by models Do they bin it after the fashion shows?

The samples used in fashion shows are also used before the show for "look books" photography, magazine editorials and advertising. After the show they travel to trade shows where retail buyers can... Read More »

How to Backup Tv Shows from Ipad to Pc With Syncios?

When syncing new TV shows to our iPad with iTunes, you may mistakenly erase your old TV shows which you love desperately. Though, they may be retrievable in iTunes. It's cumbersome to download all ... Read More »

My ipad mini shows no wifi signal?

Did you go into Settings > Network > Wi-Fi and Choose a network?