Which antivirus genuine answers please.?

Answer There is no problem with Norton at all, however i would recommend upgrading to Norton Systemworks. Norton Systemworks is very good. That's the only good software from Norton. I wouldn't recommend ... Read More »

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Which Ipod should I buy Shuffle or Nano Which one is less likely to break NO DUMB ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!?

Wow I've been going through the same question since a couple days ago and this question is basically a big help for me. This all comes around to which one would be better for you.If you don't reall... Read More »

I heard playing skipping rope drops girls ovary and uterus, Is that true Pls i need genuine answers?

Not at all, rather it is a good exercise for girls

Please please pleas answer! I need as many answers as possible!!!!!?

Start picking out what and what not to take to the new house. Start doing some summer cleaning .

Which is better mcaffee or Norton antivirus and which is faster?

should protect your pcotherwise may not last longerwhich is better i'd go with nortonit is the most trusted antivirus and online security in the world and considered by many immortal leader of onli... Read More »