Which antivirus dont slow pc answer and win 10 points?

Answer NO Definite Answer.=Interaction of an anti-virus with other software and events on your PC will affect speed.

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Easy 10 points- which is the best AntiVirus Software ..?

avira IS AWESOME but the best is Windows Onecare

If you call someone from your home phone and they dont answer does it still show on the bill (10 points)?

no!! because the call did not connect, so it will not show up on your bill!

Which bag is nicer 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER?

I absolutely love the first one, it's very casual with a sexy part to it. The second one is cute but cute for a 9 year old, but it isn't horrible so keep that one in mind. The last one I did not li... Read More »

Which is a better laptop Best answer 10 points?

ok here is a little survival guide for computersCPUlook for model number of processor unless speed of processor displayed e.g. 2.4GHzGHz???-GHz stands for Giga Hertz, giga means billion and hertz m... Read More »