Which anti virus program out there is good but reasonably priced?

Answer Yes, Avast is availiable for free download from, i used the same one as you , and others and did find a slowdown like you talk about - Since using Avast i have had no probs in any way ... Read More »

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What is the best Anti Virus / Anti Spyware Program out there Including the free versions.?

Norton are the market leaders, but along with this reputation comes with a larger yearly price tag. You can get an equally good free antivirus which come with similar protection at no cost. Check A... Read More »

Can someone recommend a good anti virus, anti spyware and firewall program?

AntiVirus: Download Avast AntiVirus from:…Anti Spyware: Download Adaware from:…Firewall: Comodo Personal Firewa... Read More »

What is a good camera to buy that is reasonably priced?

well,the price tells the quality and durability of the camera...if you buy cheaper ones they are usually with lower quality...i have Coolpix L20,10MP for about 100 Euros,it has good quality...but f... Read More »

What is a good reasonably priced blue ray player?

Yes it Comes in Widescreen and in HD unlike othe movies.