Which animals would you consider ok to eat?

Answer I just try to stay away from baby animals. I don't eat lamb or veal. Nor do I eat venison or anything like that. Just beef and chicken for me.

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Hello, vegans! Would you consider this to be wrong and cruel to animals?

My only concerns with the scenario which you described would be how Daisy was impregnated, and how many times, and the fate of Daisy's calves. If Daisy was impregnated via artificial insemination t... Read More »

Which of these diseases would you consider to be endemic- SARS, AIDS, Flu, Influenza or Cancer?

all of the above could an endemic cases .

Would anyone consider a Sunday or weekend boycott on buying gasoline How would you do it?

It's been tried in the past and didn't work very well. For one thing, people have to go fill up before it or after it, so the oil companies don't miss much. A new thing has been going around the ... Read More »

Would you consider this to be fat?

hi! well first don't obsess over it, it'll make things WAY harder and mess with your point of view on things (if that makes sense) also the main thing to do is eat healthy e.g absolutely no junk fo... Read More »