Who warned about Civil War if slavery wasn't abolished?

Answer George Mason, a delegate from Virginia at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, warned about Civil War if slavery wasn't abolished, according to the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of La... Read More »

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How to Write a One Page Essay Comparing & Contrasting the Argument of Pro-Slavery & Anti-Slavery?

Compare and contrast essays are expository essays instead of argumentative essays. Rather than try to convince readers of an argument you formulate based on your research, you simply show two diffe... Read More »

Im buying a condo as a forcloser from Wells Fargo bank im in cntract the pres of board says it fraud he wants to buy it in the amendment it says they have first dibs amendment is from 1965?

The governing documents may dictate who can purchase the unit. You may need a condominium-savvy attorney to help you interpret the documents.

Why ROTC abolished?

Why was US Navy abolished in 1781?

It was not abolished, Infact its been "doing its thing" since October 13th 1775. and in great style may i ad