Which airline has the best leg room?

Answer On One Hand: American Airlines 777 PlaneAccording to Cheap Flights, as of 2010, an American Airlines 777 plane has the most leg roomfor economy flights--between 33 and 35 inches. However, Midwest A... Read More »

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Which airline has the best on-time performance?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's most recent statistics (compiled in May 2010), Hawaiian Airlines had the best on-time performance score of American carriers with 94.3 percent o... Read More »

Which is the best shade of paint to apply in a boy baby's room other than blue?

greens are calming if hes on the sunny side of the house, yellow is cheering if hes on the shady side of the house, however we painted my grand daughters room pale blue, cieling too, then i painted... Read More »

Which room should i declutter first bathroom, bedroom, or living room?

Living room...because people can be coming over!! Then your bathroom!! Because it really needs cleaned!! And then your bedroom...then your whole house!! Maybe you should hire someone if it's that b... Read More »

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