Which Wikipedia article does the most damage to the most people?

Answer This is a tough one to answer. My first thought was the still rather slanted article on "Naked short selling", a highly questionable and quite possibly illegal trading practice that has been impli... Read More »

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What is the wikipedia article that has the most lies in it?

Which Bars Does Most Milf and Cougar Hangout The Most?

There aren't any in SF. The men are "Gay". Sacramento should have something though. Go to where the young crowd hangs out and in more affluent areas.

Which demographic would advertising on Wikipedia be most effective on?

I would say 18 to 24 year olds with upper-middle to upper-class income levels. They are the ones who believe most what they read in Wikipedia, since their education has been ever tainted by it. A... Read More »

What's the most visited link in wikipedia like people,places or things...?

Surely I think that I that Wikipedia has become the most popular in Google's search with your articles, in spite of the fact that this page is not kept alone but for us, but it looks like to me an ... Read More »