Which Way Does the Home Air Conditioning Filter Go?

Answer The filter for a home air conditioning unit usually has arrows printed on it that indicate the direction of airflow. The arrows should point toward the air duct. Filters without arrows should be in... Read More »

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Does adding air conditioning add value to my home?

On One Hand: It Adds Perceived Value to the HomeIn an article on this topic, AirConDirect states that air conditioning will add perceived value to the home. This means that someone who notices the ... Read More »

How to Install an Air Conditioning Filter in My Acura RL?

Every model year of the Acura RL is equipped with an air-conditioning filter, or cabin air filter, that prevents debris and dust from entering the ventilation system. Acura recommends replacing the... Read More »

How to Replace an Auto Air Conditioning Filter?

Air conditioner filters, or "cabin air filters," are a concept found in many cars today. These filters prevent pollen, road dirt and dust from getting inside the cabin, and make the air flow more e... Read More »

How to Install a Boise Air Conditioning System's Filter?

An air conditioner system's filter is an important component in the system's operation. The filter prevents impurities such as dirt, dust, pollen and other debris from entering into the air conditi... Read More »