Which Username Sounds The Best?

Answer If I had to pick the first one.-or- (just another idea)YouAndAriannaMarie (or You&AriannaMarie if the names allow ampersands)A play off the YouTube title and the phrase "You and Me" where "You" are... Read More »

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Where can I find a username generator, or does anyone have suggestions of a good username?

Here is a good place to start. It's also got some links to other name generator sites:

If i change my twitter username, would people still to search me by my old username?

Does audio sync means the video is making blurry sounds along with the regular video sounds?

No it means the audio is in time with the video.If you have sync problems then your picture and audio are out of sync.

How many english vowel sounds and english consonant sounds are there?

There are 20 vowel sounds in American English shown on phonetic charts. However, in reality, the language has sixteen single vowel sounds, nine double vowel sounds and eleven triple vowel sounds. ... Read More »