Which Two Planets Are Closer to the Sun Than the Earth?

Answer The solar system contains eight planets. In order, from closest to farthest from the Sun, they are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is, on average, about 3... Read More »

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How Is the Earth Closer to the Sun During Winter?

Winter's cold makes it feel as if the sun is farther away than ever, but actually the sun is closest to the Earth during winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This means the seasons are impacted to a ... Read More »

Why is NASA is looking for Earth-like planets in the corner of the Milky Way Galaxy?

Because research showed that water couldn't be there and nore could a living thing but it was found. both of them.

What will happen to the people in the earth if the planets of solar system were alligned?

The alignment of all planets would result in freak weather, planetary oscilllation (wobbling on their axis) and the apocalypse. However few planets are perfectly on the eccliptic so could not be pr... Read More »

Are any of the NASA probes launched for fly byes of the 9 planets still sending signals back to earth?

Yes, many of them are. In fact, both of the Voyager probes are still transmitting data, even from beyond Neptune and past the "heliopause", the boundary between the solar system and interstallar sp... Read More »