Which TV should I get?

Answer Samsung LE40A436T LCD £519 KDL32U300 £370.09…

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Over ear headphones or in ear headphones which lasts longer which should I get and why do you think I should get them please tell me reasons on why you would get them?

How can you tell which wines you should store to age and which you drink immediately?

99% of wine that you can buy in normal outlets today is ready to drink. Some of these may improve marginally if you lay them down for a while but it's not really worth the effort.A tiny percentage ... Read More »

Guys i wanna know which is best in gaming phone android or ios which one should i go with?

Iphone 5 has the best chip. Everything will run on the 4.Anderoid phones? They are pretty good, and the specs can be better than iphones, but iphones just work like they should

Which camera should I buy Which shoots the best videos!?

Pay no mind to the price....More expensive does not certainly mean better. Especially in the camera world.Go for the cheaper camera, and buy a really good lens.If you buy the more expensive camera,... Read More »